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Purple Sticky Salvia

Purple Sticky Salvia - email to order

Looking for Salvia Divinorum?
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Purple Sticky Salvia since 2001. The first, the best, the strongest.

Purple Sticky Salvia contains almost twice as much pure Salvinorin A than competitors. To make our extracts the strongest, we start with the most potent organic grade-A leaves straight from the source. These leaves contain more than 4 mgs of pure Salvinorin A per leaf. Most other companies sell grade B leaf and then use those to make their extracts, which contain only 2.4 mgs of Salvinorin A.
All of our extracts are made in a state of the art, government-standardized laboratory - not a garage or basement! Most cheap salvia extracts on the market are crude extracts and many are coming from China.

Purple Sticky Salvia is available in:
20AtomiX 40AtomiX 60AtomiX 80AtomiX 100AtomiX 120AtomiX 140AtomiX 160AtomiX
Smokeable extracts - liquid tinctures - ultra premium leaf 


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