Purple Sticky Salvia™

Purple Sticky Salvia 20x 40x 60x 80x 100x 120x 140x 160x Pure Salvinorin-A

Purple Sticky Salvia™

the strongest Standardized Salvia since 2001.

The First, The Best, The Original.

Purple Sticky Salvia™ standardized extracts are made in a state of the art, GMP certified laboratories – not from China, in a garage, or basement!

Purple Sticky Salvia™ contains pure Salvinorin-A, Most other companies use cheap weak Salvinorin B & C.

Purple Sticky Salvia™ uses a process called AtomiX™ which defines the exact mg per gram of Salvinorin-A that is applied to each leaf extract. To make our extracts the absolute strongest. We start with the most potent organic grade-A leaves straight from the source. These leaves contain more than 4mg of Salvinorin-A per leaf. Most other companies crude extracts contain very little Salvinorin-A.


International orders must make payment using crypto.

Note: Customers are responsible for knowing local laws and regulations before purchasing. All refunds are in the form of store credit. If you attempt to have Salvia shipped to a state where it has been restricted you will receive store credit only!!!

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